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Tecottos Terms and Conditions of Trade


Rules, Guidelines and Instructions for Submissions

1. MUST be in PNG, PSD, or AI format only. If PNG submitted, must be at least 3000px x 3000px. Submit finished isolated art work with no background and no mocked up on self made background(transparent or white only). If artwork is not completed, we will ask that you finish and resubmit.

2. All entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party. The entrants must be the sole owner of copyright all art entered and must have obtained written permission of any people featured in the entries or their parents/guardians if children under 18 are featured.

3. Submissions received after the posted deadline will not be considered

4. You may only send one entry to the Competition.

5. Submissions will not be accepted if the following:

  • Sexually suggestive content, including full nudity and sexual humor
  • Violence, including display of serious injury and events related to violent extremism
  • Inappropriate language, including harassment, profanity and vulgar language
  • Promotion of drugs and regulated substances, including selling, use and abuse of such items
  • Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown

Art Work Legals

The accepting (“Artist”) has been contracted to create certain original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression (“Works”), of which is uploaded to the TECOTTO CORP. platform.

TECOTTO CORP., a Delaware corporation (“Assignee”), is desirous of acquiring the entire right, title, and interest in and to said Works and in and to any copyrights thereon arising and/or granted in the United States and foreign countries;

NOW, THEREFORE, for other goods and valuable consideration received by said Artist from said Assignee, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged by said Artist,

  1. Artist does hereby sell, assign, transfer, and convey unto Assignee, the entire right, title, and interest in and to said Works and in and to any and all copyrights on said Works that may arise and/or may be granted in the United States and any foreign country, and including each and every derivative Work arising from said Works.

2. Artist does hereby covenant and agree to cooperate with Assignee whereby Assignee may enjoy to the fullest extent the right, title, and interest herein conveyed. Such cooperation shall include:

a. prompt execution of all papers (prepared at the expense of Assignee) which are deemed necessary or desirable by Assignee to perfect in it the right, title, and interest herein conveyed;

b. prompt execution of all petitions, oaths, specifications, declarations, or other papers (prepared at the expense of Assignee) which are deemed necessary or desirable by Assignee for obtaining copyright registration in the United States and/or foreign countries covering said Works or works derived from said Works; and

c. prompt assistance and cooperation in the prosecution of legal proceedings involving said Works or derivative works therefrom, said registrations granted thereon, including proceedings before any Copyright Office of the United States or any foreign country, and court actions, provided, however, that the expense which may be incurred by said Artist in lending such assistance and cooperation be paid by Assignee.

3. The terms, covenants, and provisions of this assignment shall inure to the benefit of Assignee, its successors, assigns, and/or other legal representatives, and shall be binding upon said Artist, its respective heirs, legal representatives, and assigns.

4. Artist warrants and represents that he has not entered into any assignment, contract, or understanding in conflict herewith.

5. This instrument contains the entire and only agreement between the parties and supersedes all pre-existing agreements between them respecting its subject matter. Any representation, promise, or condition in connection with said subject matter that is not incorporated in this agreement shall not be binding upon either party. No modification, renewal, extension, and/or waiver of this agreement or any of its provisions shall be binding upon the party against whom enforcement of such modification, renewal, extension, or waiver is sought, unless made in writing and signed on behalf of such party by one in authority to do so.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Artist has executed and delivered this instrument effective immediately.